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Monday, April 26, 2010

4 more days to my birthday~ Woo.. Excited MUCH!!~
Should I add into my birthday list?

1) Princess diaries series

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[8:22 PM]

Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday wish?

Woah~ its been a long time since I have updated my blog eh? hahaha!
its like 11 days more to my birthday!!

hehe! I am just gonna write my wishlist for this year. So yeah~

1) Umbrella ( the one where u can just press the button to open up and close )

2) slippers

3) star card holder( put cards into the folder )

4) Ear piece ( With Bass )

5) Ipod Touch

6) High cut shoe

7) T-shirt

8) Jeans

9) Bag

10) Sunglasses

11) The Sims 3: adventure loft

12) Korean Dictionary

13) Korean language ( how to speak korean )

14) Adobe Photoshop

15) Samsung Ear piece ( my ear piece kind of spoilt.. so yeah )

then its done! :) Any more presents would be appreciated too!
Even a single " Happy Birthday " would make me happy!

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[1:31 AM]

Friday, July 10, 2009

My heart is bleeding.....

I don't know when has it become like this...
Everytime you talk to me...
I just feel so frustrated.In the past, no matter how much you say..
I would patiently reply you, patiently comfort you..
I don't know how it has changed to become like this now..
I feel like everytime i talk to you..
It seems like there are many sharp knife stabbing through my heart.

I can't even try to communicate with you normally anymore..
Its suffocating me..
making me feel like my heart is broken into thousand pieces..
I can't seem to go back to the past anymore..
how can i change back again?

I don't like this feeling seriously..
It's not only me..
But the people in this are also hurting..
I may not say this, but I know..
why can't it go back again?
To the happy times where everyone is still innocent and happy?
Why must it end up like this?
I don't want it to end because of this reason..
But I am beginning to not breathe anymore..
What is the reason behind?

17.03 pm
10th July 2009

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[5:06 PM]

Monday, July 6, 2009


It seems like I am starting to lose feeling for you already..
The things you do in return..
I am really sick and tired of it already.
Horoscope proving that I am not suitable for you..

I guess it is true eh?
No matter how hard I try..
No matter how much I give into..
I will still get the same answer.

Best friends( or Good Friends only )
How I really wish that it could someday exceed that..

But I am really really tired already.
Helping you out...
But you wouldn't see how much I did for you..
Only the girl in your heart.. takes every part of you..

You are too stupid to know what is really happening..
Knowing only the fake reason behind..

and worst, I cannot tell you the true feelings of mine..
For 4 years... 4 long years...
still nothing happened..

I should really really move on...
Maybe I should not have asked who is the girl you like
This way, I wouldn't be so heart-brokened..
Others say there is someone even better for me..

But I know the feeling will always be different.
Falling in love with someone and letting someone like you...
There is always someone who will give in more.. no matter what.

Maybe I should really consider him..
He really treats me much better than you do..
And most of all.. His attention is not on another person..

6.07.2009( Monday )
13.52 pm

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[1:38 PM]

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So was it because I always forgive easily when you bully me and that is why you are stepping all over my head?
Until you can just simply.. Scold me, ask me to shut up, call me a kpo, suan me?

You can talk about crap then I cannot is it? IS IT WRONG?
is it wrong to just join in the fun to make the surrounding even more livelier?

Why is it whenever I join in I will always get the " extra " look?
So what if you can play basket ball very well?
Does it means that you can simply say about people!?
Everybody have their own good and bad points.

I know I am not that pretty but PLEASE at least show some respect!
I dislike people who are bias towards pretty stuff and who give attitude.
No sense of respect at all.

I seriously, find it difficult to entertain you..
If I do this, I will also get something from you..
IF I don't do this, I will also get something from you..
It's really very sick and tiring

Why must I always be the one saying "hi" to the others?
Only when I greet you.. You will then react by greeting me..
Why can't anybody initiate in saying " hi? "
Even in relationships.. Initiative? SELDOM/NEVER.
I feel like I am such a failure.. In friends, family.. EVERYTHING..
Why does others get better treatment but I don't?
Why is it so unfair?

Why can't I just have a simple and ordinary fun life?
Why do I have to go through so much pain and sorrow!

I swear I am never going to talk to guys who gives serious attitude.
I Swear I am not going to be kind and friendly to those who doesn't know how to appreciate it at all!

So? I help you do things..
I gave you pizza..
I helped you to copy..
I tried to help in anyway I can..
But this is the way you treat me ~

FINE! Let it be!
I don't appreciate this kind of friendship.

6.44 pm
6th May 2009

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[6:33 PM]

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Best friends thinking of where is your Name?


I am seriously seriously very very touched by the presents from all of you!

hmm~ shall I start my story now?

Well early in the morning, I was supposed to be happy and hyper about my birthday BUT I was just a little too upset with the amount of gifts?

And ALSO Not having IMPORTANT people to wish me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY..
SO I was kind of emotional during the chinese lessons haha!
I was really wondering " Was today really my birthday? "

LUCKILY it did not affect me in doing my exams haha!
SO I kind of went back to slightly hyper mood when the exam finished..
Then Me, Si Ying,Wenxin, Heather, Joey, Cally and the others started chatting about how did we do during the test..
IN the end~ We were the last one to be out of the hall excluding the Higher Chinese students.

I left earlier than the others as it was my birthday? LOL what a lame reason.
Anyway, I walked all the way back home and my dog welcomed me with hyperness! HAHA SUPER DUPER CUTE!
She kept jumping and shaking her tail to welcome me home.
My mum and I waited for a while before we celebrated with a small cake!

After celebrating, my mum rushed off to go on the ship( people who are closed to me should know where she go haha)
Then After that my father came home..
I think only when he saw the birthday cake that he remembered my birthday
" Happy birthday darling "

Well I still have to apologise to Xin Yi Mummy~ Sorry..
I really put in silent mood + I was charging my phone so of course I will not answer your call la~

Anyway soon after Tan Bing Hong called over..
He asked me to chat with him and I went " Okay.. accompany you chat loh "

Then I kept asking him for my present then he say purposely don't want to give LOL ..
I said he has no sincerity.. Don't want to say HAPPY Birthday properly still don't give me present.
Then he started saying about coming to bite me..
I went " COme AH~ You want you come lor! I where will be scared of you!? You want then five mins meet downstairs!"
I seriously didn't expect him to really say " Okay I will be coming, you wait there for me okay? I will come over and bite you "
Before I went downstairs, I really really thought that he was kidding HAHA!
Then again i find it really really weird and suspicious already..
" Did he, xinyi and the others want to give a suprise for me "
Since I saw xinyi calling me and I thought that since she could not get through she used eugene to call over to me haha!

LOL! And he really really ran all the way here..
I brought my dog down too and he gave me a present.
Then i stupidly questioned him " eh? where is xinyi they all? This present not you all buy for me de ah? "
HAHA~ then I just knew that it was bought by himself.
I was really touched by him and so I accompanied him to walk back to him place.
Xinyi was staying around that area too, so we waited for her to come down.
Cheeky her and him Ah~ all lie to me lor .. in the morning like ignore ignore me.. then now then give me the present.
We had a little chat for a while and then my sister called me to say that my father's leaving for Australia soon.
haha~ Lame leh.. still want to send me home.. Then we walked all the way back again to my house.
So I went back home.
Sadly, when i reached home he went off.
So I decided to give him a call and wished him Bon Voyage ^^
He wished me a happy birthday again and we hung the phone.

Around 10.45 Pm++ I left my house with my sister and my dog!
haha.. Seems like the suprise from XINYING and LIPING would be really really the best night of the day.
They have been planning my birthday since.. The start of the year?

Indeed, it was really the best ever birthday celebration i had celebrated with XY n LP! I am seriously seriously touched! The cake, the book XY and LP brought me to my highest moment! If not for both of you, I would seriously end my birthday with a " like a everyday life " thinge..

We did many crazy things together at the top of the carpark haha!
We danced like crazy, cheered like crazy, played like crazy, Camera-whore like crazy, WE DID everything together crazily ^^!
10 years of relationship and through these years, I seriously cannot believed we have never ever quarrelled before! Many people say Best friends normally quarrel But we don't~ And we still last!
HAHA! ALL Thanks to the both of you.. I started tearing after seeing the hand-made book by both of you!

Nah~ My speech : " How can you ever do this kind of thing? If it were me, I would not be able to do it at all! I am soooo Lucky to have both of you as my BEST FRIEND AND MY WALL! Let us cherish each other even more okay!? DON'T ever give up on anything and even if you fail get up and work again! Let's work towards success! I know we are all very sick and tired of studies already aren't we? But remember there will always be me okay!? when both of you are super-UBER tired then think of my STUPID face!! haha! OR go and look at the X.R.P Picture hahahahaha~"
Ps: Both of you must cry after seeing my SPEECH okay!? haha!

So..... Pictures Pictures of Prezzis!! ( Need time to upload again .. so .. will upload tmr~ Too tired to continue Want to SLEEP! )

02.48 am

inspiration left.
[12:51 AM]

16 Years Old Here I am~ ^^!

It's already 2nd of May already 2 days after my BIRTHDAY!
Hehe~ So I would Like to thank all these people before I carry On With my story LOL!

First Of all Early in the morning in school .....
1)Wen Xin
2) Si Ying
3) Cally
4) Zhen Qun
5) Kelly Hong
6) Kat Teo
7) Xiu Mei
8) Kai Har
9) Joey Tan
10) Claudia

In the AVA Room
1) Heather
2) Eugene
3) Wen Ting
4) Wei Ting

In the
Hall ....
1) Faizah Mummy
2) Faezah
3) Jesslina
4) Thiviya
5) Dhaivanai
6) Hui Ling

Other places in School which i Forgot where ...
1) Celestene
2) Janaadan
3) Erman Leong
4) Ms Teh
5) Khalisah
6) Joey Neo
7) Yu Qing
8) Pei Ling
9) Wei Qi

Secondly~ People who Wished me From FACEBOOK ...
1) Xiu Mei
2) Ms Clarisse Ng

3) Ms Teh
4) Serene Ng
5) Amanda Kew
6) Ms Teo
7) Wei Ning ( Amy )
8) Kelly Hong
9) Patricia
10) Mdm Rehana
11) Francis
12) Joey Neo
13) Weng Hui
14) Chen Ern
15) Sherlyn Quah

thirdly from my Handphone ...
1) Xinyi Mummy ( directly at 12 am )
2) Yi Ting [ hamster ] ( 1 minute after 12 am )
3) Rebecca
4) Hansol Oppa
5) Mummy
6) Valerie Mei
7) Xin Ying
8) Yan Ping
9) Kat Teo
10) Yu Ting
11) Stewart
12) Kelly ( Kat Teo's sister )
13) Uncle Matthew
14) Mr Ivan Lim
15) Zhen Qun
16) Foo Yong Chee
17) Khalisah

Last BUT not least from
1) Zhi Xiang
2) Marcus
3) Haziq
4) Sean Tan
6) Kevin Chee( Super Duper BELATED )

Wishes In MY BLOG ...
1) Kat Teo
2) Amanda Kew
3) Zhi Xiang

And Wishes from my Dearest
KA CHNGS( cousins ) ...
Ah Zuan, Kristi, Raymond Kwa( Although is belated LOL )

1) Kat Teo
2) Sherlyn Kwa
3) Yu Ting

You will find your names appearing many times if you wish me everywhere HAHA!

inspiration left.
[12:31 AM]

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